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Grade 8 Summer School Registration

Students in grade 8 will have an opportunity to attend summer school at Highland High School. Fill out the application form and return in to Highland High if you are interested. Instructions are printed on the form.

Summer School Grade 8 Form


Today marks the end of a fabulous Teacher Appreciation Week here at Clayton Middle School! We strongly believe our students have the best teachers and we are very thankful for them. Thank you to Angela Winters and the PTA for all the wonderful things they have provided this week to help make our faculty feel appreciated.

2015-2016 Student Body Officers

Thank you to all of the candidates who ran for Student Body Office and Senate! We are proud of every single one of you. Congratulations to the following students and all 111 Senators who were elected by their peers:

President: Nele Kaufusi

Vice President: Peter Callahan

Publicity: Ellie Kwon

Historian: Grace Mumford

Secretary: Emi Paulos

Treasurer: Lilly Wray

March and April Combined Newsletter Published

Check out the latest edition of the student newsletter.

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