About Our School

Clayton Middle School: Building on the Past, Leading in the Present, Preparing for the Future

Clayton Middle School is considered by its community as setting the standard for excellence in education, both academically and socially. Our "Clayton Family" truly believes in the philosophy that it takes the entire village to raise each individual child, and we take great pride in working together to see every student grow. We offer strong instruction in our academic and elective programs, ranging from basic reading to rigorous classes, such as honors courses, magnet Extended Learning Program courses, advanced math and science courses, and creative arts opportunities.

  • Clayton offers a seventh/eighth-grade Curriculum & Assessment Lab.
  • We also have a magnet Extended Learning Program (ELP) for middle school students, as well as a strong neighborhood ELP program.
  • Clayton prides itself on having high academic rigor in all courses.
  • Once a year we produce a one-of-a-kind play production.
  • We have a strong lunch time intramural sports program and fitness class.
  • We offer homework support in our daily after school homework hall.
  • Our reading and math labs give students additional academic support.
  • Clayton offers opportunities to explore electives such as:
    • Academic Electives: Astronomy, Creative Writing, Biology, Geology, Journalism, Newspaper Publishing, Multi-Media, and Personal Learning (compuer based high school courses);
    • Languages: Chinese and Spanish classes, and a German Club after-school;
    • Fine Arts Electives: Dance, Theatre, Art, Advanced Art, Multicultural Art, Stage crew, FACS, Woods, Choir, Orchestra, Band, Show Choir, Ceramics, TV Production, and multimedia classes; and
    • Leadership and Service Learning Opportunities in Student Government classes.
  • Clayton's class offerings include a Friday afternoon Outdoor Adventure Program that explores activities such as rock climbing, snow shoeing, kayaking, frisbee golf, mountain biking, hiking, cross country, and downhill skiing.



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