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Hello!  My name is William Palm and I’m thrilled to be working my first year at Clayton Middle School.   While I started teaching science midway through this year, I have been working here in Clayton since the beginning of the school year in the Special Education department. I graduated from St. John’s College in 2016 with a BA in the History of Math and Science. I’ve been working in education in different ways for 6 years now, and finally decided to get my teaching license this year. So I am currently pursuing my masters in Special Education at the University of Utah. I’m honored to be here and excited to share my passion for learning with the amazing students here at Clayton. 

 Food Science is my passion project that has been cooking in my head for years. The class focuses on foods that I have been known to make in my own kitchen: sourdough bread, kombucha, popcorn, and many more. But it’s also an opportunity for me to learn along with the kids. For example: I learned making good taffy the first time you try is really hard, especially in a time crunch. But I also learned that my students are the best because they humored me and ate the rock hard stuff and still said it was good.  We dive into the history of the foods we study, their impact on cultures, and get to eat some goodies along the way. It’s a self directed course, which means we democratically vote on what we study as much as possible. Overall I want the students to come in, have some fun, learn something interesting and send them onto their next class. 

I love middle school because these students ask amazing questions, and are all natural scientists, all we have to do is encourage them a bit. 

If you have any questions please give me an email! 


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