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Clayton Virtual Middle School Program 

Clayton Middle School is excited to announce that we will be the home of the virtual program for online students for the 2022-2023 school year. Online middle school students can enroll for the next school year beginning April 4th, 2022. If you are interested in enrolling your student, go to

Students will have access to a basic middle school program that includes: 

A full year of:

  • Math 

  • Language Arts 

  • Social Studies 

  • Science 

A half-year of:

  • CCA/Digital Studies (8th grade) 

  • Art (7th or 8th grade) 

  • PE (7th or 8th grade) 

  • Health (7th grade) 

*As the virtual program grows, more electives will be offered. 

The online middle school program will be a synchronous schedule with live instruction and increase students' time with teachers. Students will follow the same bell schedule as Clayton and use Canvas as a platform for learning and submitting assignments. As needed, Clayton will provide students with the devices and access to internet services.

Students enrolled in the virtual middle school program will be part of the Clayton Cougar Community. Direct contact with students and families, including support for students with IEPs or 504s, will be more efficient as all resources will be at one site. Students will have access to a school counselor, announcements, activities, and after-school events.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our program: 

  • Can a student take some classes online and some in person? NO 

  • Can classes be substituted for courses listed in the program description? NO 

  • Can a student move back to their neighborhood school during the year? YES 

  • Can a student participate in after-school events, such as dances, at the school? YES 

  • Can a student participate in classes such as theater, music, etc., in person at the school? NO 

  • What if a student is not participating online? The school will intervene. If there is no change, the student will be returned to their in-person neighborhood school (or district) after ten days. 

There will be a limit on the number of students enrolling online, so quickly completing the application is advised. Applications will be accepted starting April 4th, 2022, using the SLCSD Open Enrollment form. 

For any questions, email our registrar at