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Stay Connected with Your Teen Classes

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New classes of Staying Connected with Your Teen starts on Tuesday, September 21st or Wednesday, September 22nd. The classes are from 6-8 pm in the evening. 
Staying Connected with Your Teen classes are for caregivers of children aged 12-17. This class is taught online, but it can be taught at other locations if requested.

Class #1 focuses on teen development, risk factors and protective factors.

Class #2 focuses on parenting responses, family meetings, making decisions & solving family problems.

Class #3 focuses on communication, active listening, managing anger & managing family conflict.

Class #4 focuses on involvement, setting family rules/guidelines, negotiating & consequences.

Class #5 focuses on teen influences, social supports, Refusal Skills and supervising without invading.


Please contact Diana Johnson to register for the classes.

Phone: 385-468-4430

Text: 385-722-4515