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Principal's Message


Dear Clayton Community,

Welcome to another great year at Clayton Middle School. We are moving from surviving the last couple of years to thriving in the years to come. My name is Dallin Miller and I am the principal of Clayton Middle School for the next school year. This will be my third year at Clayton. Please call me Dallin or Mr. Dallin! I am excited and eager to get school started and support students and community members through many different programs that we provide here. Clayton staff members are highly qualified and well trained to support and teach your child in epics ways. Our goal is to create a school and community where every student feels like they belong, and create positive connections with peers and staff. We created a schedule and program that offers many choices for students to explore areas of interest and expose them to new experiences. We will continue to recognize those who show great growth in academics and praise those with positivity and agility.

Clayton is committed to preparing your students for high school and beyond. We will meet individual needs using the great resources we have at the school. A focus on social and emotional learning will also be a priority during the school day. We are adapting to the needs of students that need a more equitable education. Over the past few years, teachers and staff have been revising systems and policies that have been inequitable when it comes to race, gender, and other forms of biases occurring to specific groups. Improvements to our systems have been made.  Another area of focus is working with every student to ensure their mental, physical, and emotional needs are met, so they can focus on academics and positive relationships with one another. To accomplish this goal, we’ve added 10 minutes a day for teachers to connect with their students, build positive relationships, learn about self-care, mindful moments, and stress reducing activities. In addition, we have grown our well-being team of counselors and social workers to help provide multi-tiered supports for students.

I believe that these next few years at Clayton will be some of the greatest years ever. We will strive to thrive, continue to focus on the needs of students, make great memories, and send them off to high school prepared for any program of their choice. I credit the amazing staff and teachers in the building for doing such a fantastic job day in and day out.



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Dallin Miller

Dallin Miller

Principal - Middle School
Clayton Middle School