Principal's Message

September 25, 2019

Dear Clayton Parents & Guardians,

Last Wednesday, September 18th, we conducted the annual anti-harassment and anti-bullying lessons and training for the entire school.  We strive to assure that every student is safe and feels safe while at school.  The training is designed to help students understand what bullying and harassment are, the negative impact of both behaviors and what they can do to address them when they occur.

Creating a safe and healthy environment for all students requires engagement from the entire school community.  The faculty, staff and administration at Clayton Middle School are committed to this endeavor and we greatly appreciate your support with creating a school community that is welcoming and safe. 

Attached to this email are copies of the PowerPoint presentation that was used for the student training and the handout they received.  English What to Do If It Happens to You.doc  Clayton Bullying-Harassment Powerpoint (1).pptx    

Included in the PowerPoint is information about SafeUT, which is the state’s crisis & safety tipline.  For more information about SafeUT, click here. Each student who was present for the training received a card with SafeUT information and directions on how to access the program. 

We would like to remind you and your students about some important information regarding the use of cell phones and other electronic devices at school. While we recognize cell phones can be valuable learning tools, they also have the power to disrupt school and cause privacy concerns. The district and our Board of Education have set some specific rules and procedures regarding the use of personal electronic devices. Please take the time to review these with your student. We appreciate your support in helping keep our school a place of learning.

Personal electronic devices may not be used during school or school events as follows:

1. Unless otherwise instructed by the teacher, electronic devices are not allowed to be used during class, quizzes, tests, or standardized assessments.

2. Picture taking or recording by students is strictly forbidden in school or school activity private areas, such as locker rooms, counseling sessions, restrooms, and dressing areas.

3. Unauthorized audio recordings, capture of images, transmissions of recordings or images, or invasions of reasonable expectations of student and employee privacy are strictly forbidden.

4. Students are prohibited from using electronic devices in ways that bully, humiliate, harass, or intimidate school-related individuals or violate local, state, or federal laws (see, Board Policy G-20: Bullying, Cyberbullying, Hazing, and Abusive Conduct Prohibited). Use of devices in this way may justify disciplinary consequences, including expulsion from school and notification of law enforcement.

5. Use of electronic devices to access inappropriate or pornographic images on school premises is illegal, may have both criminal and disciplinary consequences, and where appropriate, shall be reported to law enforcement.

We sincerely appreciate your support and engagement in Clayton Middle School.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Jared Wright, Principal


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