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Parent Teacher Association (PTSA)

Clayton Middle School has an excellent Parent Teacher Association! The members of the PTSA are actively involved in making this an inviting school community. For contact information, you can email any of the four co-presidents listed.

The PTA co-presidents for the 2023-24 school year are:

  • Sara Bateman (

  • Emily Waltman (

  • Lauren Rigby (

  • Heather Hayes (

Other PTA Committees:

Rachel Preslar

PTA Faculty Liaison
Kristi Runyan

PTA Liaison School Play
Nanette Kearl

Family to Family Liaison and Holiday Projects
Marcy Jenkins, Miriam Jensen, and Brooke Burton

Career Day
Raina Williams, Chuck Sharp

Staff Appreciation
Cori Pugsley, Ashley Henriod, Suzanne Kingsford, and Heather Moore

SEP Meals Coordinator
Suzi Grant and Emily Skidmore

Growth Awards
Amy Waltman and Emily Waltman

Fun Run
Brooke Burton and Ang Winters

8th Grade Celebration
Mele Tausinga, Mindy Hughes, Lauren Rigby, Erika Bowen, and Brooke Burton

Stomp Committee
Heather Hayes, Caitlin Creer, Emily Waltman, Heather Moore, and Brooke Burton

Kalleen Wright and Tami Kamerath

Clayton Instagram
Caitlin Creer

Clayton Swag and Merchandise
Chelsea Teerlink

Juliann Law