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Parent Teacher Association (PTSA)

Our presidents this year are Kalleen Wright and Marianne VanWagoner.  Clayton Middle School has an excellent Parent Teacher Association! The members of the PTSA are actively involved in making this an inviting school community.  For contact information, you can email Kalleen Wright at


Student of the Month
Mary Catherine Perry and Natalie Fredrick

Shelley Wright

Kate Mattson

PTA Faculty Liaison
Kristi Runyan

PTA Liaison School Play
Nanette Kearl

Play Concessions
Missy Bergstedt

Family to Family Liaison and Holiday Projects
Marcy Jenkins

Career Day
Niki Evans

Staff Appreciation
Looking for a volunteer

Reading Rewards
Mary Ann Pihl

Fun Run
Jennifer Horowitz

8th Grade Celebration

Looking for a volunteer

Juliann Law